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Largo House

Architectural Insights


So little remains of Largo House and photos are few and far between that imagining what the house was like is not always easy.

With that in mind, this page is dedicated to comparing similar buildings as well as old vs recent photos so that you can quench your appetite for knowing all there is to know about Largo House in Fife.

The Grand Staircase At Largo House

The staircase within Largo House was very similar in design to that of the one at Davenport House in Shropshire.

The "emulated rusticated ashlar blockwork" that was the style of the staircase walls within the Largo House stairwell was extremely stunning to behold.

Below we can see the staircase at Davenport House contrasted with the remains of the staircase at Largo House. Walking up the stairs at Largo House would have been an experience and not a chore!

And this is how the staircase of Largo House looked in 1957. All the facing stone is now gone (Stolen?) and bare brick is all that remains.

Largo House Stairwell© RCAHMS

Alcoves & Staircase Brickwork

Here is a comparison of the remains of the alcoves and some internal brickwork at Davenport House in Shropshire and those at Largo House, which was completed in a very similar style.

You can see the remains of the alcoves (below left) within the grand staircase at Largo House. To the rear note the style of brickwork (it's called "emulated rusticated ashlar blockwork") on the walls of Largo House and how the walls of Davenport House above are very similar.

This staircase would have been very impressive back in the day!

One cannot help but wonder if Largo house also had the pelmets above the door the same as Davenport House in Shropshire. This answer to this has to be "Surely!".

Largo House Alcove - ©Canmore Collection

Interestingly, Largo House in Fife was the only house in Scotland to have "emulated rusticated ashlar blockwork" in the interior. The only other house in the UK to have this was Davenport House.