The 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade

(1 Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa)

Location Of Largo House In Fife

Upper Largo, Fife

Largo House as it once looked.© RCAHMS
Largo House as it once looked.

The location of Largo House, Fife, training ground for the 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade (1 Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa) in 1942 is located north of the A915 between Lundin Links and Upper Largo in Fife, Scotland. There are 2 basic routes to access the property.

Route 1 - Lower Largo Access Point

Park your car in Harbour Wynd, Lower Largo,  just down from Mercury Motors. Opposite Harbour Wynd (On the same side as Mercury Motors) you will see a set of rusty gates and an overgrown area behind it.

If you climb over the gate (I think you might even be able to go around it) and walk uphill for around 15 minutes through thick overgrown bushes you will reach a stile overlooking a cow field. Yes, cows! Watch out for them as they are often about. Cross that field and climb over the opposing stile which is surrounded by barbed wire fencing.

Stunning Largo House back in it's heyday©

You are now in the grounds of Largo House, Fife. The house is extremely overgrown with bushes and trees so you may not see the house at first. The building to the rear is, I believe the stables.

At one time it too was used as part of the training area for The 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade (1 Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa). A large whole in the ceiling (all rotted away now) was used to practice jumping through, just like on a Whitley bomber.

If you walk this route and think it is difficult and arduous just remember: The 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade (1 Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa) trained here daily to a far more physically demanding level than is required to walk this route!

Route 2 - Upper Largo Access Point

Drive to Upper Largo and park in Church Place. Walk up to East Drive which is a rather private neighbourhood. At the end of East Drive is an iron gate.

Climb over that into the cow field and walk across to Largo House, you will then have to cross a style over a double barb wire fence to enter the grounds. You may get challenged by one of the local residents in East Drive, so be prepared.

Location Of Largo House, Fife

Because postcodes were introduced in 1959 (8 years after the dereliction of Largo House), it's not possible to get Google maps to display the exact location and neither is the house actually visible in maps. However, this point on the map is just 200 yards from the house.

Trespass Law

It is a myth that there is no trespass law in Scotland. Largo House in Upper Largo is located in a farmers field. Although there are currently no signs stating to keep out (and certainly no signs saying that trespassers will be shot!) neither are there any signs indicating you have permission to cross that field.

However, I have it on good authority that a public right of way used to exist across the front of Largo House and that although a farmer has fenced the field off, that right of way still exists.

The matter is left up to you. If you decide to visit, do no damage or harm and beware of the cows in the field.

Safety At Largo House, Upper Largo

Please be extremely careful around Largo House in Upper Largo, there is falling masonry everywhere and death is a distinct possibility. It would be a shame to know your relative endured the arduous physical training in Malpy Gaj at Largo House only for you to die from falling masonry!

Largo House, still beautiful, but dangerous to get too close to due to falling masonry©
Largo House, still beautiful, but dangerous to get too close to due to falling masonry

Can you see it? - If you look very, very carefully at the above photo (and compare it to the others on this page), you can see a line in the grass (about 3 meters out from the fence) that is the line of the original road that lies underneath. That darker line of grass goes the entire length up to the front door, possibly at some point kerbing was added to the original road and this grass is growing on its line.

Do not go alone, if you have an accident or twist your ankle, no-one will know you are there, so please take someone with you.

Do wear sturdy walking boots, it is rather treacherous around the house, there are hidden holes, manholes and all manner of ankle breakers there. You will be climbing under trees, around bushes and over barb wire fences.

Entering the main building is a potential fatality waiting to happen as the tops of the wall are unstable and likely to fall at any moment. Many very large pieces of stone have fallen down over the years and many lintels over windows and doorways are cracked with compromised integrity of the entire structure.

Also, keep an eye on the movement of the cows to ensure that you can make it back across the field to go home, you can literally get stuck at Largo House because the cows are upon your return route.

Lastly, can I again stress that Largo House is a seriously dangerous place to go. Certainly DO NOT go climbing around inside it. Admire, enjoy, but do not take any risks.