The 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade

(1 Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa)

The 2nd Partition Of Poland

Prussian-Russian Alliance 1793 A.D

The 2nd Partition Of Poland was interesting from the perspective that an ally (Prussia) would then become an ally with Polands enemy (Russia) and in doing so a 2nd Partition of Poland would result.

Following the 1st partition of Poland in 1772 matters deteriorated in Poland to the point that in 1790 it entered into an alliance with Prussia (Germany), it's enemy. This angered Poland's neighbour Russia, who clearly seemed to think they controlled the political powers in the area, and so in 1792 Russia invaded Poland once again, resulting in the Polish-Russian war of 1792.

16 Second Guide To The 2nd Partition Of Poland

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Prussia "Unfriends" Poland

Prussia then decided it would be best to drop Poland as an ally. Of course, the old "whats in it for me" kicked in and Prussia then proposed that if they were to drop Poland as an ally they should be compensated...with more of Polands land. You could not make this up, such greed, lack of principles and lack of consideration for their fellow man.

If your best friend threatened to drop you as a friend in favour of another new friend that would be bad enough. But if they then manipulated their new friend asking for compensation for dropping you as friend that would be about as low as it gets. But for Prussia, this was fine, this was business.

Lets Be Friends & Steal Polands Land

Of course, Russia agreed, the last thing they wanted was Prussia (Germany) siding with Poland. So, in 1793 Prussia and Russia signed an agreement, essentially assigning themselves chunks of Polands land. (Remember this! You are going to see this re-occur yet again in 1939 in the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement).

Later in 1793, Polish military, being overwhelmed by Russian military (You will see this again as well in 1939 in the Kresy region of Polandgave over control of Grodno Sejm to Russia and Prussia, this resulted in 308,000 square kilometers of land being split between Russia and Prussia.

In A Nutshell - The 2nd Partition Of Poland

  • Poland befriends Germany
  • Russia get incensed at this friendship
  • Germany drops Poland as it's friend
  • Germany now befriends Russia
  • Germany asks for "compensation" (Polands land) for this loss of friendship
  • Germany & Russia decide they should both have land and steal it off Germany's former friend (Poland)