The 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade

(1 Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa)

The Final Word
On Largo House

My Polish grandfather, Wladyslaw Hoscik, came from the Middle East on a boat to the UK to serve as a Polish Paratrooper in the 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade (1 Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa)) stationed at Largo House, Fife in the United Kingdom.

For me, part of my history is tied up at Largo House, it's part of my families legacy which came as a surprise discovery for me in 2017.

Winter view of Largo House©
Winter view of Largo House

Whilst I don't condone or approve of war, I cannot ignore the fact that my grandfather travelled thousands of miles in appalling conditions to undertake serious physical training there as a parachuter (he was super ripped for sure, such was the intensity of training there!).

Largo House is not only part of my history, it's part of yours too, no doubt. What happened there in 1941/42 changed the face of the UK, it resulted in many liasons and marriages, tens of thousands of descendants and many life stories.

To ignore this and let the place go to ruin is to ignore what our relatives stood for. They had courage, determination and stamina. They came from thousands of miles away to train there and carry out operations by parachute.

We owe it to our memories, history and heritage to respect them and what better place to have exhibitions about this than Largo House?

Long Live Largo House!