The 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade

(1 Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa)

How Poland Was Founded

The Polish-Lithuanian Dynasty

A brief understanding of how Poland was founded followed by the bully boy interests that Austria, Germany and Russia had in it will give us the context we need to understand what happened in 1939. In that year, the seeds of deceit and desire to dominate their fellowman into oblivion that had been planted centuries earlier, nurtured and sprouted.

Pope Recognises Poland As A State

The earliest records of Poland date to 966 AD when Mieszko a ruler of a territory broadly equivalent to the Poland that we know today, converted to Christianity. In doing so, Poland became a member of the family of Christian kingdoms. Shortly afterwards, in 1000 AD, Poland was recognised as a state of the Pope and the Holy Roman Empire. (Kind of interesting how the Pope got involved in territorial claims isn't it?)

The Kingdom Of Poland was subsequently founded in 1025 AD and lasted till 1385. Along the way Duke Boleslaw (1102 AD till 1138 AD) tried to resolve some issue with claims to the land by dividing it into 5 Duchies amongst his sons. That plan didn't go well as the sons fought amongst themselves for ultimate control of Poland. Unfortunately, the arguments and squabbles over the land were taken on by descendants of Duke Boleslaw resulting in the ultimate weakening of monarchical power.

In 1320 AD Poland became united again when Piast Duke Wladyslaw 1 was crowned king. His son Casimir succeeded him and in turn Casimir's nephew, Louis 1 Of Hungary, succeeded him, bringing about a union between Hungary & Poland. Then through descent and marriage the Grand Duke of Lithuania became the heir to the Polish Monarchy thus binding Lithuania and Poland together in a dynasty for the next 4 centuries.

In A Nutshell

  • Mieszko converts to christianity
  • This causes the pope to recognise Poland as a state within the "christian kingdoms"
  • Duke Boleslaw splits Poland into 5 sections to resolve an argument...only to cause many more down the line
  • Hungary & Poland unite
  • The Grand Duke of Lithuania marries resulting in his claim to Polish monarchy, thus binding Lithuania & Poland together to form the Polish-Lithuanian dynasty.

Thus Poland & Lithuania become the Polish-Lithuanian dynasty

that would rule for the next 4 centuries.