The 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade

(1 Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa)

Useful Research Links

In the course of putting this website together I have come across many useful website where you can read more on the topics this website covers. These links are below.

Google Books


Life Stories

Franek Rymaszewski

This website is so special and so unique it deserves a section all of it's own. Of all the accounts of the Poles deportation, evacuation and onward life, Frankek Rymaszewski's account is mind blowing. He kept a diary during these times and from that built a website that became famous worldwide.

Having since passed on, his website appears to be unmaintained, the way to access it is via "Google Wayback", an archive Google created by  snapshotting websites every so often. The snapshot below is from July 2018, the last snapshot on record.


The following are books that I consider very necessary to read in order to understand more detail behind what this website covers.

Other Websites

Ancestry Research

Facebook Groups

These are some fantastic groups on Facebook of which I am a member of all of them. There is a real wealth of info to be gotten on these groups.

Worthy Facebook Pages

  • Shallow Graves - The extraordinary tale of Michael Krupas' survival and escape from Stalin's concentration camps in Siberia.

Thesis & Studies

Krasnovodsk - Pahlevi Accounts

This section is more for the researchers amongst you who are interested in tracing the boats that brought your relatives out of the USSR. Google books is a very rich source of data and well worth searching under boat names.


A number of artistic depictions of my grandfathers life were undertaken on this website, the artist is Sofia Pereira and I highly recomend working with her. Should you wish similar artwork depictions for your relatives story please visit her website: Sofia Pereira artwork.