The 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade

(1 Samodzielna Brygada Spadochronowa)

Zeszyt Ewidencyjny P3

"Notebook Records" P3

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Section - VIII & IX - Wyksztalcenie Cywine I Znajomosc Jezykow

  • Polish - W roku 1923 sześć klas szkoły powszechnej Białystok
  • English - In 1923 6 grades of elementary school in Białystok. So not even a mention of an apprenticeship. But he probably didn't lie, I'm sure it was enough to be a helper. But the helper part just got dropped later .
    • Polish - Welded wlasnego zen Anita
    • English - Electricians Helper

You will see a lot of this in these documents:
it's short for według własnego zeznania - according to his own testimony. They used this because of course nobody had any documentation to prove anything, so to make it clear that these were self-acknowledged accomplishments, certifications, they wrote that as a caveat. It's on my father's also.

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